Programs and Versions

Paul brought this up and it is a very important part of this project, we should be listing off the tools and versions that we are using. Here is a list of the base tools I use.

Python 2.5.4 -
There MIGHT be debug issues for developers if we don't all use the same Python version. Blender and Mosaic need at least 2.5.2 but as far as I know that particular version is not available. 2.5.4 is stable and any other libraries like CGKit 2.0 can be added to it, which some programs like SLer need in order to run. Though if using Windows it is REQUIRED to use Python 2.6.2 with Blender 2.49 (see below).

Blender 2.49 -
We have decided to upgrade Blender to 2.49 because of some issues with linking texture maps between blend files. Depending on the OS used, either Python 2.5.4 (Linux) or 2.6.2 is to be used. Since Mosaic 0.4.2 was built for Blender 2.49 it will only make sense to just use that version from now on, not to mention the texture map bug (a bug that seemed to be on Windows related). Now that the switch has been made the texture map issues are not present.

Mosaic 0.4.2 -
The latest version of Mosaic has a lot of improvements and functionality needed for our work. While the modeling and layout portion of the short do not need to be the latest version, everything after that part of the pipeline will. The latest version is also not without its share of bugs so also please remember to note them and send them to Eric. Since this is also a developmental version of Mosaic, there is going to be added features before we are done. Some things are not fully implemented as they were in 0.3.2, texture mapping also has some issues.

Aqsis 1.6.0 -
1.6.0 is the production release of what we have been testing this past month (1.5.0). It is important that we continue to do as we have done and use the latest builds as they come along. While it is not totally required to install each build nightly as they arrive, I have been only installing every other night or third night for instance.

OpenEXR 1.6.1 -
The reason for OpenEXR is to take advantage of the awesome file format developed by ILM, who revolutionized the visual effects industry and to this day creates innovative methods for making fake elements on screen look real. As of now Aqsis only has basic support for exr output but Paul has said that he can add more. It is NOT important to use this if you are not on the rendering end of the project, this is ONLY for final frame output. The version has changed to the most recent to reflect the version on the Animux farm. (unless this becomes a problem)

Please make an entry in the forums for this, list off all the tools and the version number. This way we know where we all stand. Any other programs like GIMP, Shaderman or Cutter or whatever is not as important.

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