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Widow is being hosted by Shotgun Software. This is a production management tool that is web based, however with a Python based API, we have the ability to link up our own servers to theirs. In such a case, the SVN server that sends revision notifications to Shotgun, as well as sending email notifications to the team.

For our artistic team, it is simply a matter of using the service to submit previews of shots, notes of these shots, as well as a rough approximation of the time expected to work on shots, even if they run over the schedule. This also has our own ticket system that is used for pipeline issues and general admin duties on all systems involved with the production.

Shotgun is highly customizable, this is something we have been working on for some time. A lot of it has just been in how the forms are laid out, what data is displayed and why. There are an estimated 10-30 pages that only a few of the team can view, some of it are experimental collection of data and widgets, combined with a reason, these are in the R+D stage before we add it to the Widow project. This will be a continual process until final render is done.

Blender 2.49b

Animation will be mainly done in Blender 2.49b simply because at this time development of RIBMosaic is slowly making progress and any animation done in this version will easily be transferable to Blender 2.5x later on, even if animation is done procedurally (we can bake it). That being said Blender 2.5x for "Project Widow" is still a WIP and should not be used at this time.


Widow Version Thumbnail Uploader

The reviewing system has been redesigned and in the process of implemented into the project, this is the thumbnail uploader script and the new way to do versions.

WidVerTU 0.1

This script uses the Shotgun Python API, which if using the API in Blender needs to be located with the rest of python scripts, it should also be located in the general Pyshared directory for Python itself.

The script needs to be edited per shot, this is because a Version will be linked to a shot. This way many people can do previews and upload a new version of the thumbnail without having to alter anything other than the filepath of the rendered image.

The rendered image should be located with the file itself, it is up to you to decide if you want to upload it to the SVN or not, there will be a copy in the version itself.


When wanting to update the thumbnail, all one needs to do is either take a preview render of the 3D viewport and save the rendered image to the scene directory. Edit the script to point to that location, then run the script. In the console you will get a confirmation that the script completed, on which you can check the version and the thumbnail should be there.


This tool can then be configured to work for later work when shading and lighting starts.

# PROJECT WIDOW Shotgun / Blender Python API Experiments
# ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
# Widow Version Thumb Uploader (WidVerTU 0.1)
# ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
#    This script will upload a render saved to disk from within Blender, into
#    a Version on a Shotgun server. While the script needs much work to
#    be a bit more useful, the principle working prototype works.
# ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
# ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
# Imports
# ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
import os
import sys
import urllib
from shotgun_api3 import Shotgun # Shotgun API 3
from pprint import pprint # useful for debugging
# ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
# Globals
# ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
DEFAULT_SHOTGUN_API = "/usr/share/pyshared/" # Place this in your Pyshared directory
SERVER_PATH = '' # Change this to https if your studio uses SSL
SCRIPT_NAME = 'WidVerTU' #Script name
SCRIPT_KEY = 'shotgungeneratedkeynumber' # Script key number
# ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
# Project Id's
# ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
# Project Widow ID
PROJECT = {'type':'Project', 'id':xx}
# ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
# Main 
# ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
print "\n\nUploading thumbnail to "+SERVER_PATH+"\n\n"
if __name__ == '__main__':
    version_id = 9 # Version ID
    thumbnail = '/user/home/location/PROJECT_WIDOW/Scenes/Scene_001/scene001shot001_ver_preview.jpg' # Replace this with your own rendered file path
    result = sg.upload_thumbnail("Version",version_id,thumbnail) # magic happens.
    print result
print ""+SCRIPT_NAME+"...complete!\n"
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