Widow Pipeline I

Python 2.5.4 -
There MIGHT be debug issues for developers if we don't all use the same Python version. Blender and Mosaic need at least 2.5.2 but as far as I know that particular version is not available. 2.5.4 is stable and any other libraries like CGKit 2.0 can be added to it, which some programs like SLer need in order to run. Though if using Windows it is REQUIRED to use Python 2.6.2 with Blender 2.49. MacOSX is not fully known but use the version that Blender 2.49b needs.

Blender 2.49 -
We have decided to upgrade Blender to 2.49 because of some issues with linking texture maps between blend files. Depending on the OS used, either Python 2.5.4 (Linux) or 2.6.2 is to be used. Since Mosaic 0.4.2+ was built for Blender 2.49 it will only make sense to just use that version from now on, not to mention the texture map bug (a bug that seemed to be on Windows related). Now that the switch has been made the texture map issues are not present.

Mosaic 0.5.1 -
The latest version of Mosaic, which at 0.5.1 is the final release for the Blender 2.4x series. This final release contains bug fixes.

Aqsis 1.6.0 -
1.6.0 is the production release of what we have been testing this past year (1.5.0). It is important that we continue to do as we have done and use the latest builds as they come along. While it is not totally required to install each build nightly as they arrive, I have been only installing every other night or third night for instance. At this point some of us are using the next development version of 1.7.0, which includes some important improvements and upon final frame render we will build a custom latest stable version for the renderfarm.

OpenEXR 1.6.1 -
The reason for OpenEXR is to take advantage of the awesome file format developed by ILM, who revolutionized the visual effects industry and to this day creates innovative methods for making fake elements on screen look real. As of now Aqsis only has basic support for exr output but Paul has said that he can add more. It is NOT important to use this if you are not on the rendering end of the project, this is ONLY for final frame output. The version has changed to the most recent to reflect the version on the Animux farm. (unless this becomes a problem)

Widow Pipeline Upgrade

The pipeline is old, it is obsolete really even though work has been done extensively to make everything tie together without too much setup, or headaches. However the time has come to upgrade, this was not supposed to happen until after the film was completed but the way it turns out is that in order for RIBMosaic to be completed, the pipeline needs to be upgraded.

Widow Pipeline II

Python 3.1
Seems this can run alongside Python 2.5.4

Blender 2.55
This is the latest released build of Blender, this is the one that will try to be worked into the pipeline. So far only Blender 2.50alpha2 has been able to run on my workstation. Any tools used in the old pipeline will break, RIBMosaic, possibly Conspot, the other misc tools we have collected will also have to be checked over and fixed soon, or dropped altogether.

RIBMosaic for Aqsis (anticipated name) 0.1.x

As of today (Dec 7, 2010), RIBMosaic is a part of Aqsis. Details to come soon.

Aqsis 1.7

The developmental version for the 1.8 Production release.

Shrimp 2 (Widow build)
This is not so much of an issue though work is already underway to drop FLTK and use QT4 instead, however this is more of the developer work rather than for this pipeline, the code is already there it just has not been fully tested yet. The nodes will also have to be fixed, some nodes and RSL code have some edits to them since last April.

Shotgun scripts

One script system will break however and that is the Shotgun python scripts that are just developed. However Blender 2.49 will come to serve as a Shotgun program that will be a development platform for these scripts which can later be posted publicly. Until the Shotgun team supports Python 3.1 there will not be any way to send thumbnails or previews to Shotgun, or anything else for that matter. However much of the code developed so far does not rely fully yet on Blender, until a GUI is built (which is planned).

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