Widow is being hosted by Shotgun Software. This is a production management tool that is web based, however with a Python based API, we have the ability to link up our own servers to theirs. In such a case, the SVN server that sends revision notifications to Shotgun, as well as sending email notifications to the team.

For our artistic team, it is simply a matter of using the service to submit previews of shots, notes of these shots, as well as a rough approximation of the time expected to work on shots, even if they run over the schedule. This also has our own ticket system that is used for pipeline issues and general admin duties on all systems involved with the production.

Shotgun is highly customizable, this is something we have been working on for some time. A lot of it has just been in how the forms are laid out, what data is displayed and why. There are an estimated 10-30 pages that only a few of the team can view, some of it are experimental collection of data and widgets, combined with a reason, these are in the R+D stage before we add it to the Widow project. This will be a continual process until final render is done.

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